Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Party: Bissell Versus

I imagine this summer many of you will be hitting the beach and/or be doing a lot of BBQs and entertaining. You know what that means? Sand, dirt and more! So, Bissell came with a solution to help you quickly clean up, so you can have more time having fun in the sun! The Bissell Versus Bare Floor Vacuum.

The Versus has a cool V-Shaped design that helps push "large debris" (like Cocoal Puffs and chunks of bagel) into the center where there is a powerful suction. Smaller, finer debris (like sandbox sand and crushed goldfish) get sucked up in the V-Shaped arms. Plus, those arms are so low that it's easy to manuever them under coaches to get dust bunnies. But the unique V-Shape makes it awesome cleaning along walls and corners. And it's super light, so I can easily maneuver it.

The vacuum works best on bare floors. But, you can use it on low-pile carpets too. I have a FLOR rug in my living room that I run the Versus over and it does awesome on everything but smooshed poptarts! And it is so much quicker than sweeping! After dinner I can run the Versus under the table and all of the dropped food is gone! And I find it so much easier to bring out the Versus to clean than a broom and dustpan - because my curious toddler loves to "help" handle the dustpan. But here, I can vacuum in minutes and my toddler hasn't even had a chance to register that I brought out "my toy".

This Bissell looks small, but it has a 12-amp motor - which is the same as my "traditional vacuum". And it has this cool hose that you don't need to wind around hooks. It just stretches to the size you need! Finally - no filters! Once all the yuckiness is collected in it's cup - you empty it. Yes - it's THAT EASY!

Just check out what my Bissell Versus is able to handle!

Honestly, I love the Versus. My parent's have a beach house and the Versus would be PERFECT for them. There is no carpet, so this is all they would need to clean the floor! But, I am not giving this baby up!

The Versus Bare Floor Vacuum retails for $79.99. Thank you to Bissell for making this review possible!

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