Monday, May 25, 2009

BooginHead SippiGrip

Does your little one love to throw everything ? Do their sippy cups always end up on the floor or ground ? Have you had to chase a sippy cup down a aisle of the store while shopping or even while pushing the stroller. While in the car do you have screaming toddler because they can not reach their cup. If you answered yes, then you need the the SippiGrip ! SippiGrip is a is durable, washable and has a unique grip material for a strong hold. SippiGrip grips your child's cup, bottle or toy for a secure and safe fit!

I am not sure why my toddler thinks if he is in the shopping cart or in his stroller he MUST throw his cup constantly. I can not tell you how many cups we have lost !

As you can see in the
photo of my son in his stroller the SippyGrip works great ! We went to the zoo on Mothers Day and it was so nice not to worry where his cup was and it was always in his reach. I also always take the SippiGrip to the grocery store and attach his cup to the cart.

To read my full review and for a chance to WIN a SippiGrip & BinkiGrip Visit HERE !

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