Sunday, April 5, 2009

Panasonic Thermopot

Coffee & Tea Lovers rejoice! Now you can have hot water at demand, thanks to the Panasonic Thermopot. This kitchen appliance rocks and has so many super uses. You almost wonder how you did without!

It keeps your water hot so you can recharge with caffeine, relax with tea and make some quick meals for breakfast and lunch at a moment's notice. It's also great for making warm bottles for baby!

Plus, it is safer than boiling water on the stove with a little curious toddler around your legs and it also means you won't forget that you were heating up water in the microwave - only to let it get cold again as you did a diaper change, cleaned up toys and throw a load in the washer.

Pretty much - it's a must-have for busy moms - which is EVERY MOM!

Learn more by visiting my in-depth review at theMomBuzz.

There is a contest going on right now for a ThermoPot at theMomBuzz. Visit the review to enter: Anyone Can Boil Water.


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