Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mally Bibs

My son has always been a fairly clean eater and hates getting food on his hands and clothes. While searching for a great bib, I discovered Mally Bibs. These leather bibs are amazing!! The bibs we have tried in the past just didn't fit right. My son would always want them off the minute I put them on. With the Mally bib it is a different story. He actually puts the bib on himself. Sometimes he wears it the way you see in the picture and other times he wears it with the snack catcher pocket in the front. It's actually for catching those dropped snacks, but he loves putting his snacks in them snack catcher and eating on the go.

Here is a little video to that I did with him showing me how easy it is to take on an off:

To read more about Mally Bibs and to enter to win one, visit As They Grow Up

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