Monday, April 13, 2009

Dapple - Green. Clean. Baby-Safe.

Dapple is a line of natural-based cleaning products for households with children. Dapple products are baby-safe and baby-specific - using ingredients found in nature that are also proven to tackle unique baby cleaning challenges, from dried milk on bottles to sticky fingerprints on toys.

Do you wash your babies bottle, cups, dishes or even toys and they just do not seem clean or still have a smell or even a film left on them ? If so you need to to try dapple ! Dapple was created with input from leading pediatricians and a team of chemists with expertise in green cleaning technology, each one of their products are specially formulated to solve a different baby-related cleaning problem, with natural-based ingredients that are baby-friendly and designed to address the specific issue at hand.

To read my full review and find out where Dapple can be purchased visit Life In A House Of Blue.

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