Sunday, March 22, 2009


Do you need a new phone? It seems like every mom I know owns a phone that is on the fritz. That's because we don't just need "another phone" in our house. We need a complete home communication system.

We need a phone that let's us complete all the tasks at hand, whether we are working mamas or SAHMs. And I have finally found the perfect phone that fits in my busy lifestyle. The VTech CS6129-31.

The VTech CS6129-31 comes with three handsets and a load of mom-loved features. It has amazing range, an Intercom feature, Digital Answering System, Caller ID, Speakerphone - on each handset, you only need one phone jack even with the three handsets it's Energy Star Qualified and loads more!

You can read a complete review at the Mom Buzz. And there is even an opportunity to win one! The Mom Buzz contest ends April 2nd.


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