Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snack & Play Travel Tray Review

The Snack & Play is a unique product for families on the go. The Snack and Play helps enhance the driving experience by providing a flat, safe area for children to eat and play. Snack & Play easily attached to the car seat for quick on and off removal.

My son has always hated to travel, ever since he was a newborn. I would just cringe at the thought of him having to be in the car for longer than 5 minutes. He was miserable, which ofcourse we all know that when the little ones are unhappy, everyone is unhappy. We had tried different things in the past to make for a more joyful ride for ourselves and for him and nothing had worked.

We received the Snack & Play and we love it, or I should say that he loves it. It's great. I keep a few little books in the side pocket and he knows he can get them out when he wants. He loves driving his trucks and tractors on the tray and also enjoys drawing and coloring. The Snack & Play has been a lifesaver for us and now we don't mind traveling with him. Even to the local grocery store, we have a pleasant trip.

I would very much recommend this product to anyone that has a toddler that just hates to travel. Well, that is if you want to enjoy a peaceful trip.

What other PlayDate Moms Thought:

Life In A House Of Blue: I really hate when I am driving and my little one is eating a snack or playing with a toys and it falls out of his reach, with a large SUV means it is out of my reach also and the rest of the ride or until I can pull over he is crying for what ever he dropped. Star Kids has made a Snack And Play Travel Tray to eliminate this problem!

Sage & Savvy: I also love how the Snack & Play Travel Tray has mesh pockets on both sides, so you can stash a variety of things for your little one to snack on and play with-more books, toys, sippy cups, etc.

For The Love of Baby: The rimmed surface keeps snacks and toys on the tray so you can focus on what you need to be-DRIVING.

Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls: It is basically a foam table that you can hook around a car seat that has a foam rim around it to keep cars or crayons from rolling off.
Look What Mom Found: The Snack and Play Travel Tray has transformed car rides from the hand-that-to-the-baby-game to she-hasn’t-made-a-peep-silence.

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