Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goody Green Bag

I love reusable totes. It's like an addiction. No more paper and plastic for me! Uh - uh, no way! But all the totes I bought when they first came out are HUMONGOUS and kind of unattractive. I will not stand for huge, ugly reusable totes any longer! For I have discovered GOODY GREEN BAG! Oh my goodness! They fold to the size of an ENVELOPE! So I can easily carry it in my diaper bag or keep it in my car. Plus, they are so PRETTY! Cherries, dots, squares, circles, hearts and, my personal favorite, Bad to the Bone.

Plus, the Goody Green Bag site has loads of eco-friendly tips that you can easily adopt to help make your living style more green!

Everyone - you can all get a 15% FRIENDS & FAMILY DISCOUNT by ordering through this link: WWW.GOODYGREENBAG.COM/ORDER/SPECIAL
Good through 1/31/09.

Win It:

The Mom Buzz is now hosting a contest where you can WIN a Goody Green Bag of your choice! Contest Ends 2/04 so enter now!


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