Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eco Friendly kid fashion on a budget

Organic, handmade, hand-dyed, all natural, low-impact, sustainable, pesticide-free

We all know we should be going “green” in more aspects of our lives with our food or our cleaning products but there are so many choices to make and these choices often come with a financial impact. “Green” clothing is HOT right now! Organic cotton that hasn’t been subjected to pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and bleach mean a healthier environment and of course healthier kiddos but without losing softness and durability. The organic fashion choices for children are limitless but sometimes so is the price tag. We want what’s best for our children but we have to make the right budget choices for our entire family. We all want to look good, we especially want our children to ooze cuteness. I’m here to show you how to be Eco-Friendly but still Budget-Conscious when you are trying to outfit the kids for the next playdate.

Speesees Bear jacket is made with organic cotton Sherpa and nickel free snaps, $40 Parade Kimono romper is packaged in reusable organic cotton bag, $19.50
Punk Baby Clothes Diaper Pirate onesie is colored with environmentally friendly dyes, $19.95
Under the Nile long sleeve Babybody is made with organic Egyptian cotton, $13
Etsy Shop FunFair Skirt is handmade with organic fair trade cotton, $19
Kate Quinns Kimono Dress is made with supersoft organic cotton $24

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    Thank you for bringing them to light.