Monday, January 5, 2009

Find Some Me-Time with Persnicketea!

Okay. So the other day I had a chance to taste some yummy teas from Persnicketea. OMG. I've had tea before. I admit, usually the ones in those little baggies that you let sit and then you toss the bag and enjoy the tea. But, uhm, I've been wickedly spoiled. My intention was to share the tea with my sister. But once I tasted Carpool Queen, I snuck in a second cup for myself. (Ahem, Me-Time). And I SO BADLY wanted a third cup, since the little container held three servings. But, being the good little sister I am I did give it to my sister so she could try. Along with Carrot Cake and Beauty and the Beach.

I honestly think EVERYONE OF YOU deserves some me-time. So, go check out the teas at Persnicketea and enter the Mom Buzz contest to win a gift set of DELICIOUS teas.



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  2. Erin, that tea sounds fantastic!! We LOVE tea at our house. Heading over to enter the contest.