Sunday, January 25, 2009

Etsy Find-Soule Desigs

I’m being selfish today. After winning a Persnicketea gift basket from The Mom Buzz I went on a hunt for a stylish mug that would go with the fashionable named teas that I received. I found them on Etsy of course.

Soule’s shop is filled with hand-painted trendy designs on mugs, plates, vases and more. I’m currently admiring Brown Chinese Lantern Mugs but also have my eye on Black Tree Design Bowl just because it’s a great looking piece. The organic natural designs are a striking contrast to the sleek shape and of the dishware. Edgy I am not but I would look the part pouring my Domestic Diva tea from a Skull Teapot. Visit Soule’s shop and look around. What would give you that chic city dwelling feel without leaving your yoga pants?

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