Sunday, January 25, 2009

As Seen on Daytime: Carolyn's Kitchen Aprons

As seen on Daytime!

Did you know that the Mom Buzz was on Daytime? That's a morning talk show that airs on different stations throughout the USA. It was very exciting to buzz about fabulous products ON AIR! And one item that I really was excited to talk about was Carolyn's Kitchen's Aprons.

The host Cyndi loved the Dorothy Lime one I talked about, so I gave it to her - with Carolyn's permission, of course. And now Carolyn is giving one of you the opportunity to have this gorgeous apron, as well.

You can enter at the Mom Buzz! And remember- the best part of Carolyn's Kitchen's Aprons is you don't even have to know how to boil an egg to own one! You just have to love looking sexy!

CONTEST: To win this apron, visit the Mom Buzz.


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