Monday, June 22, 2009

Fruit2day - A New Way To Eat Fruit

My family recently had the opportunity to try the 4 flavors of Fruit2day. Fruit2day is a drink that is a combination of real fruit bits, rich puree and a splash of natural juice.

My 14 yr old and 2 year old are great eaters and eat anything, but my 10 yr old is a different story, if it is not junk food or mac n cheeses he does not want it. I have the hardest time getting him to eat anything good for him. When I gave each of the boys a bottle to try of course my old and youngest drank it down in fact my 2 yr old was crying and screaming at my oldest for his bottle..... he wanted MORE. To my surprise my 10 yr old gave Fruit2day a "thumbs up" ! He even asked if I could get some the next time I go to the store, of course I responded with a BIG yes !

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