Friday, June 12, 2009

Fortune Girls Web Site

There’s a new website for tween girls called Fortune Girls, and it features a game for tweens with dreams…So Ya Wanna Be in Fashion! In the game, tweens can try their hand at being fashion and business divas. Girls choose clothes, select fabrics, market and sell the clothes they’ve designed on a $100,000 budget. If their clothing line is successful and they make a profit of $400,000, they can see their designs in a fashion show.

Fortune Girls encourage tweens to take a break from thinking about what their body looks like, what other girls think or say, or what their clothes look like and instead focus on feeling good about themselves by discovering the different fun ways to make a difference in the world. These funky girls are “characters with a conscience” who promote beauty from within and motivate young girls to succeed in life and help others in their community. Fortune Girls also support their friends with empowering messages.

Another dimension to the Fortune Girls brand in the Fortune Girls Ambassadors Club. Through the FGA Club, members will be able to participate in monthly volunteer assignments and share their experiences through uploaded videos, stories, essays and photos on the Fortune Girls website.

While you’re on the site, check out these cool attractions:

· Wow-A-Torium. See interviews with celebrities and fashion professionals as well as Amy Poehler’s new show, Smart Girls at the Party!

· Fun Mini Games. You can play games like Sudoku and Magic Fortune.

· FG Café. In the care, read about Girls in the News and learn what other girls are doing to help their communities.

· E-Cards. Send a friend a funny e-card.

· Meet the FGs. Learn about each character’s story, hobbies and personality

Also, make sure you keep your eye out because new games will be coming out over the next few weeks! Can’t wait to see what the Fortune Girls come up with next!


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