Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Party: Boob-Eez

This post is full of double meaning and innuendos.
Please be up-to-date on slang for nipples and breasts.

I am "blessed" with small boobs. Honestly, I wouldn't have to wear a bra if it wasn't for the fact that bras keep the headlights from turning on. And even then, lightweight bras don't do much of anything! You walk through the freezer section of the supermarket and you either have to brave it like you are Samantha from Sex in the City or you cross your arms over your chest hoping no one notices.

That's where Boob-eez come in. They are nipple concealers that allow you to wear workout apparel, dance outfits, swim suits, camisoles, bra tops - pretty much any blouse you want without the fear that men are staring at your eyes. And by eyes, I mean boobs.

These can be worn with and without a bra by anyone who wants to conceal their nipples. There are no straps or elastic and the super thin edge is invisible under clothes. Boob-eez are washable and re-usable. They are 100% silicone, backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses.

I had the opportunity to try these bad boys out when I was wearing my camisole top - with no bra - at the SUPERMARKET. Sure enough, I managed to skip right out of there without my nipples acting like a human thermometer. It was awesome and it really will help make my summer more comfortable. I an wear all of my summer clothes without embarrassment!

Plus, the Boob-eez has a great selection of other items that women will love this summer! From stick-on-bras to bralettes and tube tops to layering tanks. You have to check it out!

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