Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Plate-Mate helps little ones eat

Let's face it, being a little kid is TOUGH work. There's sooo many things they have to learn and man, it's got to be stressful figuring out how to get things "just right".

Kelsie is learning how to feed herself and getting that fork and spoon just right to get that food of her plate is all about learning. Too many times have I seen her food slide right off that plate and she's instantly back to grabbing it with her fingers out of frustration.

My Plate-Mate has helped out our little ones. Their innovative design helps toddlers get their food on their fork or spoon and not on the table or floor. Just snap it on to your child's plate and it acts as a "spill guard" to your little one's food. Cool huh?

How would you like to win a My Plate-Mate for your little one? This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone with a little one learning how to feed themselves. Head over to For The Love of Baby to read more about My Plate-Mate and enter to win!

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