Sunday, April 19, 2009


Recently the PlayDate Picks Moms had an opportunity to try Atkins Bars. Most of us are old enough to remember the big fuss over the meat-and-eggs diet. People lost an amazing amount of weight, but there were always those who said it wasn't, couldn't be healthy. I can't say one way or another - I don't have a PhD in nutrition! But I can say this, Atkins has changed.

It's no longer touted as a diet for quick weight loss, but a healthy lifestyle. Atkins will change your body from a fat-storing to fat-burning machine! And they provide snack, shakes and bars to help keep you from straying.

I can say I tried the Endulge and Advantage Bars for over a week. I didn't follow according to the program, there are a few stages, but I didn't gain weight from eating any of their delicious, decadent bars. And I thought they were a great pick-me up for when I was running around with two crrrazy boys.

You can read my full review at the Mom Buzz. But don't just take my word for it. Read what the other PlayDate Moms said!

Trisha, Sweet-n-Sassy Girls:
I have to say that my favorite were by far the Endulge bars. In fact, their Caramel Nut Chew Bar tasted just like a Snickers bar.
Susan, Life in a House of Blue:
I am not trying to lose weight right now but would like to maintain it and also eat healthier while doing so. As a mom of a very active toddler and a "Mom Taxi" for my older boys, I find it hard to watch what I eat and I find myself doing a lot of grabbing whatever and eating on the go which means a lot of "junk".
Heather, Grab Bag Reviews:
If you've ever even considered dieting I'm sure you have heard of Atkins. The Atkins diet is what we all know to have started the no-carb low-carb craze that became dieting's biggest fad. After a while things tapered off, but this brand has left an imprint on all of us and raised our awareness of good carbs vs. bad carbs.
Jenna, For the Love of Baby:
This Mom got the chance to check out several Atkins Advantage Bars and they were great to grab when I was in a rush out the door.
Samantha, As They Grow Up:
I think my favorite was the Peanut Butter Cups. Atkins bars are great for any mom on the go to put in their purse or diaper bag for when you need it!
Melinda, Look What Mom Found:
My mother and father have been on Atkins on and off for years. When they stuck to the plan it worked but they easily fell off the wagon when their lives got too busy to snack healthy and plan meals regularly. When I recently introduced them to Atkins Day Atkins Advantage and Atkins Endulge bars they were hooked. They both stocked up on their favorite flavors to keep at work for a healthy alternative to vending machine choices.
We are all thankful that we were able to try these bars! Now you can too! I am choosing one winner tomorrow. Simply visit and tell me what product looks completely delicious. I am choosing one winner today. This was a prize that was unclaimed TWICE at the Mom Buzz. So, I have to say I am giving you 24 hours to claim this prize once I e-mail you.




  1. The Atkins Advantage Carmel Double Chocolate Crunch Bars look yummy!

    heidivargas [at] live dot com

  2. The chocolate chip crisp bar looks so good!