Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: Ribert & Roberts Wonderworld

We really don't watch a lot of cable tv in my house. We are more DVD oriented - so I really don't know what kids usually watch on tv. But, I just discovered a television show called Ribert & Robert's Wonderland.
When I was asked if I wanted to review the DVD, I thought it would be cool. After all, I've been able to introduce my kids to some cool episodes and characters thanks to reviews. For example, I love VeggieTales! I never would have thought I would have enjoyed that show so much if it wasn't for the review.

So let's talk about Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld. Ribert is a computer generated frog that talks to a young man named Robert. He rides a rollercoaster rocket and the kids "ride along". The WonderWorld uses a lot of computer animation making it very much a virtual world. During the shows, your child helps Ribert complete educational challenges that give you keys. The keys open doors and you get to see more real people that help lead the story, teaching children through stories, magic, art and more.

Ribert & Robert... let me tell kid is CRAZY over the DVD we got. Honestly, I prefer VeggieTales. It's got a storyline and characters who make cute jokes. So in hindsight, VeggieTales is created for both kids and their parents.

Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. That is not a bad thing, but I watch it wondering what makes it so special. This is what I came up with - If you kid has a laptop or handheld device, they will like and understand Ribert & Robert. Because the educational challenge and the graphics are just like a computer device. So during these challenges my son actually walks to the television screen and points out answers.

For example, the DVD I received had two shows on it - Rainforest and Winter. During the Winter Challenge you had to help Ribert build a snowman. And after you completed one of the challenges, a magician showed you how you could build a snowman with a piece of paper and crayon. Then he made the snowman turn into confetti. And during the Rainforest show, you had to point out monkeys that were camoflauged in the rainforest. And after one of the challenges, you were able to watch a story teller tell a story about monkeys in the rainforest.

You can watch full episodes of Ribert & Robert's Wonderland on Wonderworld Episodes that are available for viewing are Colors, Dinosaurs and Bugs. You can also see snippets of the show, like how to do a happy dance or draw a cheerleader.

The show has won many awards, including:
  • Winner of the Best Award at the Kid's First Film Festival
  • iParenting Media Award
  • Coalition nfor Children's Media All-Star Rating
Ribert and Robert's WonderWorld is the flagship program of WonderWorld TV. Wonderworld TV's mission is to use the full power of evolving media to build a 21st century virtual children's network for broadcast television, On Demand, mobile, satellite and the Internet.

Is Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld Playing in your neighborhood? Check here: TV LISTINGS.

Well - it's time to say good-bye! Let me know if you check out the website and what you think! (Oh great, my son just heard the good-bye song! I better let him watch the DVD again!)



  1. I cam across this blog, and would like extend my appreciation for the review of my show. All of us who make this show truly care about what the kids are watching, and as the show says" it comes from the heart" If you would like me to send an autographed photo to your child, I would be happy to. Just let me know.

    James Bondy (Robert)