Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patricia Anne Designs Review

Our family seems to always be on the go. We all know that a car ride isn't comfortable at all, but I want my kids to be as comfortable as possible! While looking for a great travel blanket that my son could cuddle up to, or even cover up his little legs should he get cool, I discovered Patricia Ann Designs. The products that they offer are absolutely gorgeous and I was very excited to have the opportunity to give their travel blanket a try.

The Patricia Anne Travel Silkie arrived beautifully package to my door and I honestly can't put into words just how soft this blanket is. The Silkie that we have is the Chocolate Satin back and trim with their traditional café chenille. One side is satin smooth, and the other side is a cuddly soft. When trying to figure out how to explain what the fluffy side felt like, I asked my daughter what it reminded her of. She said that it felt as soft as a bunny. My son loves both sides, but prefers the fluffy side against his skin. I have to admit that I didn't pick out this particular silkie on my own. I had the help of Shelley from Patricia Anne to help me find the perfect product for my little man.

Patricia Ann Designs was born on New Years Day, 2004 and has been flourishing by leaps and bounds ever since!! I am Shelley Ann and my mom is Mary Patricia (aka Pat). We are the Patricia and the Ann of Patricia Ann Designs! My mom and I began this venture starting out like many successful businesses ~ out of our garage! All we had were a couple of sewing machines, scissors, thread and some great fabric! But, after just a few short months, our demand grew and so did we!!

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