Monday, March 23, 2009

Glow Mama Product Review & Giveaway

Whether being an expecting mother, a new mother, or even a mom of a toddler it always seems hard to get all the nutrition we need to help our bodies keep up with all the changes. I know it seems almost impossible for me to get a second to grab a bite to eat or to even drink a cup of water. I recently discovered Glow Mama and I LOVE it.

Glow Mama is a drink specifically made for pregnant and nursing mama’s, to keep them healthy and hydrated, while being able to drink a beverage that makes them feel special and make them look positively “glowing”. Glow Mama offers 4 grams of fiber and essential pre/post natal vitamins.

Most moms-to-be know that keeping hydrated is essential during pregnancy. For me, drinking water, which I normally love, became a chore as I really wanted something with a little bit of flavor. Glow Mama, a low calorie drink made with kiwi, is a great alternative to sugary juices.

To read more on Glow Mama and enter for a chance to win, visit As They Grow Up

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