Monday, March 16, 2009

Germy Wormy

Germy Wormy teaches kids ages 2 - 7 the 3 keys to preventing the spread of germs and illness.
1. Cough or sneeze into your elbow .2. Keep germs away from your face. 3. Germ Stoppers 5 teaches good hand washing practices.

We received a box of Germy Wormy Disposable Sleeves , 1 DVD Germy Wormy Protecting the Fort Puppet Show which is a Sesame Street like puppet show on DVD that entertains kids while educating them about germs . The Puppet Show surprisingly kept my 2y/o attention and my 9 y/o enjoyed it even though it is recommended for ages 2-7 y/o. I was also emailed the Parent Guide . One of the best tidbits from the Parent's Guide is a great activity that lets your child visualize germs and the effects of not containing coughs and sneezes in their elbow. To read my full review of Germy Wormy visit Here and enter to WIN a Germy Wormy starter pack (3 winners).

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