Monday, February 9, 2009

Jishaku Review

When we received Jishaku a few weeks back I was a bit skeptical. There was nothing to it but a bunch of magnets and a foam board, how much fun could this be. Its simplicity is what makes this game so much fun, it’s a hit in our house. It’s quick to set up and clean up and extremely easy to take along in the car or away for the weekend. The jumping magnets always cause a round of laughter and that’s always a good sign of a family game. Family Game Night is back on at our house.

Jishaku can be played 3 different ways but our favorite is I’m Out, simply be the 1st to be left with no magnets in your hands. My 13year old immediately went for strategy when she played; carefully turning the magnets, coming around the board to enter her spot from a different angle. I like to just go for it. Any way you play you are going to have a blast playing Jishaku.

Here are what the other PlayDate moms are saying:

Erin at the Mom Buzz

The rules were simple, the premise was fun, it was full of surprises and it was easy to clean up the pieces - thanks to them all being magnetized!

Jenna at For the Love of Baby
This will definitely be a game our family will be bringing to the next family get together.

Trisha at Sweet n Sassy Girls
There were plenty of jumps, and screams, and laughs as the magnets suddenly did something unexpected.

Susan at Life in a House of Blue
My boys (13 & 9) play the game together at least 3-4 times a week.

Samantha at As They Grow Up
This game is so much fun, easy to clean up and something we can make time to play with our busy schedules.

Grab Bag Reviews

It's attraction is that something new and fun and makes you jump can take the place of the old stand bys.

Head on over to PlayJishaku to learn about the other ways to play and to order your own and bring Family Game Night back.

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