Friday, February 27, 2009

Imagiplay Toys-A Toy for a Lifetime

I’ve said it before, simple is best. Imagiplay’s Pushalong Duck is the epitome of a simple pleasure. It’s a favorite with my daughter, with its bright color and familiar shape it is something she can easily locate among the flashing lights and loud noises of some of her other toys.

As a parent I appreciate toys that don’t require batteries and that don’t have tiny pieces that come apart. The Pushalong Duck is constructed from a solid piece of sustainable rubberwood. A bonus is also the rubber edged wheels, that means no marks when she runs it along the wall.

Imagiplay set’s itself apart from other toy manufacturers with their motto “Toys with Integrity”. They produce quality toys with very specific principles; educational values and eco-friendly sources. Imagiplay products are made from environmentally conscious materials , plantation grown rubberwood is their favorite. They produce toys that enable children to use their imagination while benefiting the environment around us.

Some of my other Imagiplay favorites are the Buddy Blocks. My daughter is at the age where she recognizes a lot of different animals, these simple puzzles will help her to assemble those animal pictures.

If you a looking for quality products to last a lifetime your search stops here. Imagiplay has taken all the features we like best and presented us with a great selection of superior toys.
Imagiplay is a Playdate Pick!

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