Monday, February 23, 2009


What is Earcheck ? EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor accurately and painlessly detects the presence of middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection. Used by pediatricians for years, EarCheck helps you determine when your child might have an ear infection and allows for more meaningful conversations with your child's doctor.
How Does it work ? It uses gentle sound waves to accurately and painlessly detect the presence of middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection.
Easy to use: You hold your child's ear up and back, stick the tip into your child's ear, just like an ear thermometer, and push the scan button again
There are then 3 color-coded levels:
1 - green = fluid unlikely
2 - yellow = monitorr
3 through 5 - red = consult the Doctor

My Youngest son has had 2 double ear infections in the last 2 months. Both times he had no symptoms. With the first one he went to the Dr. for his well check and that is when we discovered it. They 2nd one was when we went to the Dr. to make sure his ears had cleared up and we realized that his medication did not work and he still had the double ear infection. A few days after starting his 2nd round of medication I received the EarCheck and I checked his ears right away. By then his medication had started working and it read 2-yellow (monitor) and a few days after that it read 1-green (fluid unlikely). That was a great sign that this time the new meds were working. Since he seems not to have symtoms when his ears are infected I plan on checking him regularly with the EarCheck. I think my favorite feature is that it is so easy to use in your own home anytime. I wish I would of had this for my older kids when they were smaller !

The EarCheck would make a great baby gift for any new mom !

The EarCheck is available online at It is also available at Babies R Us and WalMart,Target and Walgreens
Retail Value is $49.95

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