Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buzzillions Winners

We had two winners for Buzzillions! Each gets $25 via PayPal.

greenly said... 15

First, what I didn't like was how long it took me to load each page--a result of too many ads? Because we recently got a Wii, I decided to look at games for my kids. They have a nice option of sorting by type of game and by console type, but I was dismayed to see at least three games I would consider too violent to be in the first two pages of so-called "kids" games. I did like the way the pros & cons were listed right at the top of the review. Didn't bookmark at this time, but I might reconsider in the future.

guettel78 said... 41

I was really impressed with the layout and content of Buzzillions and they went a long way in convincing me to try their site either in addition to or instead of Amazon to get comprehensive reviews of a wide variety of products.

(a) Pros: I love that the reviews are able to be broken down in so many different ways, by reviewer and user expertise, specific features of the product, and usefulness of the reviews. To me that the site’s biggest advantage over Amazon, and all of these different search options were easy to maneuver within each review.

(b/c) Cons/Room for Improvement: The only element that Buzzillion’s reviews seemed to lack was an editor’s review of each product. I know on Amazon I often will read their editor’s detailed review first and then go to the reviews provided by customers to get a fuller picture. I would love to see that feature added to make the site fully competitive with Amazon.

(d) I have bookmarked Buzzillions and will certainly be a return visitor. I am also sure to recommend the site to friends and relatives who do online shopping and product research.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I will be sending you both an e-mail! I will need your PayPal e-mail so I can send you the $25! If you see this first, free feel to e-mail me your information. You have 48 hours to claim your prize AFTER I send you the e-mail.


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  1. Thank you for your input Greenly. We are always looking for tips on how to better narrow the reviews to the reader's needs. Since your posing, I have added "Kid Appropriate" as a tag in the pro list; "Too Violent" as a con; as well as split the tags to narrow the reviews down into "Older Kids" and "Young Children" instead of just "Kids". I hope this helps with your searches in the future, as well as other moms who have encountered the same problem. We greatly value your input!

    Buzzillions Team