Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buzzillions: "Cash" Give-Away for your Opinion

Before my blogging days, I was still BIG about reading and writing reviews. So, when I heard about my ears perked up! is a product reviews site that features reviews from "real people" who are verified users and owners of the products they are writing about. No one is paid to submit a review on Buzzillions, so the reviews are completely unbiased. And Buzzillions displays ALL of the reviews - the good, the bad and the ugly. Currently Buzzillions has more than 4 million reviews on more than 600,000 products.

Now, many of us are experienced in writing reviews and we understand the value of a "real review". Think how much time you may have spent looking up the best carseat, stroller or BPA free bottle for your child. Well now, it's all available from one site! And they make it EASY to locate what you want, as you can narrow product results based on specific lifestyle requirements. (Ex: Baby Car Seats that are “Easy to Setup,” “Easy to Clean” and are best for “Infants”):

Now, we really would love for you to check out Buzzillions and tell us YOUR review. And by doing so, two opinionated readers have an opportunity to win $25 each, payable by PayPal.

Giveaway Contest Rules:
(1) Visit and spend some time getting to know the site.

(2) Come back here and tell me (a) what you liked, (b) did not like, (c) how you would improve the site and (d) whether you bookmarked it.

Once you submit your comments, you become eligible for a chance to win $25 cash via PayPal.

$25 to TWO winners, payable by PayPal.

Post your opinion of Buzzillion to your own blog, including a link to this post and to, and earn an extra entry! Just leave a comment with your blog permalink.

Winners will be randomly chosen and have 48 hours to claim their prize once announced. Participants must be 18+ years of age and reside in the United States. The give-away will end 2/18/09.



  1. What I liked:-
    I liked the social navigation that helps consumers research products reviewed, rated & tagged by others.
    what I did not liked:-
    The website is not well coordinated or you can say well arranged.So it's not that expressive at the first sight.
    How I could have improved the website:-
    I think , first of all I would have redesigned
    the whole site with good looks and rearrange the blocks with "FIRST THING FIRST " method so that the user would feel smooth over the site and feel the expressiveness of the whole site .
    Whether I Bookmarked it or not :-
    Of course you can't deny the usefulness of this great website , so , I not only bookmarked it but also saved the url to my hard drive.

  2. I like that the reviews are by consumers and that there is no selling involved

    I do not like that there are no "good deal alerts" I would love to see things like "best Buy has the best price and warranty on this item"

    I would make the "new" categories go away and add the items to the main task bar, such as Pets.....I was looking for it and very disappointed thinking there was no category for it, I happened to look under new just to see what it was all about and found what I had been looking for.

  3. I've been on Buzzillions a number of times before, and I see that the site hasn't really changed in the past few weeks.

    Liked: the candid reviews by people with no agenda, so the reviews are totally honest

    Disliked: the busyness of the site, too many ads. They must bear in mind that many of the site visitors are Baby Boomers with eyesight that is not as good as years ago, so a busy, frenetic site with small font is a problem.

    Ways to improve: clean up the site, streamline it

    Bookmarked: no

  4. This was my first time on buzzillions. I have to compare to epinions which is the review site I have used for years so here are my thoughts in comparison:

    Epinions over the years has become all about the ads....I liked with buzzillions that it was less obvious and in that way was more user friendly.
    I also liked looking at their top 10 lists. I liked the way they have set up the pros/cons/best uses.

    My dislike came in simply because it was a buzy yet boring layout. It was difficult to look at and focus on what I was trying to find.

    I'm not a web designer, so I'm not sure how to improve the site, but it sure seems like the home page could be simplified considerably.

    I did not bookmark...

  5. like the reviews, dont like the search features,more pictures and it was already bookmarked

  6. I like the big search box. I would add more color to the site.


  7. I recently was introduced to Buzzillions and love it. I love that the reviews are by people like me and that the reviews are honest. I find the site very easy to use and is very user friendly. I love this idea and the site very much.

  8. love the vast variety of reviews

  9. Although I learned about fairly recently, I love it!

    1. I like that there are numerous unpaid comments about the products. I like the way you can see the top rated proucts in many categories. I like the way you can see the Pros/ Cons/ and Best Use at a glance on 1 page. I appreciate that they are not selling you anything on their site.

    2. I don't like the fact that I am not 100% sure all the comments are from users of the product. Although the web site said that was the case, they didn't explain how they verified that. It seems like either someone that had a gripe with a compay or product line or someone that could financially profit from increased sales could sway the vote with either a fake negative or positive comment or comments. I am just wondering about that.

    3.One way they could improve is to have reviews of national service providers. I would feel more confident using a nation-wide plumber, heating and air conditioning service, builder, etc if I knew their company had rated well with

    4. I bookmarked it as a favorite the first time I saw Buzzillions, even before I left the site. I will always check it before I make a purchase of any importance!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  10. love the variety of reviews byreal people do not like the cluttered feeling

  11. It's a great site because the reviews are REAL and very helpful!

  12. Liked - Looooove the Top 10 Lists. They're fun to read even if I'm not buying anything on them! :)
    Disliked - Not a real problem, but I think something could be done with the plain white backgrounds to make them look better.
    Improve - Maybe the background could integrate something from the logo? I think that would work.
    Bookmarked - Bookmarked at work, and will recommend!

  13. buzzillions has great stuff but i absolutely hate 'comment' sweeps

  14. First, what I didn't like was how long it took me to load each page--a result of too many ads? Because we recently got a Wii, I decided to look at games for my kids. They have a nice option of sorting by type of game and by console type, but I was dismayed to see at least three games I would consider too violent to be in the first two pages of so-called "kids" games. I did like the way the pros & cons were listed right at the top of the review. Didn't bookmark at this time, but I might reconsider in the future.

  15. easy acess fast allows you to jump very quickly from link to link

  16. I like the information of Buzzillions, but I would enjoy less flashy advertising. I have it bookmarked for the future.

  17. 1. What I like: it's easy to navigate, there is a lot of reviews for a lot of products, good layout
    2. Can't find anything that I really don't like
    3. Some improvements: maybe a little more color would be nice and search option could be better (advanced search etc.)
    4. It's already in my bookmarks!

    Thanks :)

  18. Buzzillions helped me decide on the brand of digital camera to buy. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  19. I like the great honest reviews. I would love to see more household cleaner products reviewed. I did bookmark the site. Thank you!

  20. a) what you liked - I like the honest reviews, way more helpful than the site you are shopping. We just used it for our search for a new gas grill, the reviews on Sears site were very unhelpful. The reviews at the Buzzillions site really influenced our decision on what to buy
    b) did not like- nothing I can think of, site is well organized and easy to use. I agree that good deal alerts would be great, I use several other sites for that though so not necessary
    c) how you would improve the site- good deal alerts if possible and the special values deal button in a more obvious spot
    d) whether you bookmarked it. - yes

  21. (a) what you liked,
    I love the top 10 lists right up front.

    (b) did not like,
    I didn't like the lack of color and graphics.

    (c) how you would improve the site
    I'd love to see more graphics, and all of the categories up front rather than a list on the sidebar.

    (d) whether you bookmarked it.
    already bookmarked it

    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  22. great win, always helpful! right?

  23. What I liked:-
    I liked the way I was able to keep paring down my choices by using other consumers' reviews.
    Didn't like
    Not much to say, maybe how the site looks?
    How I could have improved the website:-
    Jazz it up a bit. Not flashy but some color and easier blocking
    Whether I Bookmarked: You bet, spread the word to family, too.

  24. Liked: quick navigating thru site and search engine
    dislike: almost too many products
    change: not sure
    no I didnt bookmark but will probably visit again

  25. I liked the fact that it is easy to use and found the items I was searching very rapidly. I did not like the very intrusive ads. To improve it, take care of the previous statement. I did bookmark it and have already mentioned it to my daughter as a good site.

  26. I like the layout of the site, its very easy to navigate, but I really dont like the mid-page ads at all. I did bookmark it and plan on referencing it in the near future!!

  27. I will use and recommend Buzzillions. I liked the huge volume and honesty of the reviews. I really disliked all the extraneous ads. To improve the site, I'd cut down on them somewhat.

  28. I like the huge amount of reviews. I checked out the beauty section and I do not agree with all the reviews (some average products are highly ranked). I will visit the site again, although I did not bookmark it. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  29. I like that the reviews are from retailers both large and small and that the reviews cover a wide, wide range of products. It is also nice to know that the people posting the reviews have no ulterior motive other than to share their knowledge and experience about the products with others. I really cannot point out any negatives, except that they need to keep traffic constantly coming there and posting their reviews to keep it current with new products that are constantly emerging in the marketplace. It is just really nice to know there is a place like Buzzillions where we can go and learn about products before we purchase them. I do plan to use Buzzillions website in the future and do plan to mention it to friends. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  30. I don't like that it's slow to load. I would make it faster. I like reviews. I'd make it faster. I did not bookmark it.

  31. I liked the product reviews but I think it needs more color and pizaz in the backgroudn. I didn't bookmark it

  32. I discovered Buzzillions right before Christmas this year. We were considering buying a digital camera and I was looking for reviews. In the past I had used Epinions.

    I really liked Buzziliions! It is very easy to use. When looking at the camera reviews, I love the banner where can divide the reviews by different categories such a casual user or photo enthusiest. This is a great feature!!

    My other favorite feature is the box where it gives the pros and cons of that specfic item.

    I have used Buzzillions when purhasing several other items. It is my first choice of review sites.

    skstigger (at)

  33. I liked the site set up, did not like it was a little boring but I did bookmark and will check back.

  34. I collect Star Wars toys, so that’s the first thing I searched for. I found reviews for toys that have been unavailable for years posted with dates that seemed recent, pulled off other websites. Plus, an action figure for a minor character doesn’t seem like it qualifies for a review like “This is the best toy ever.” It didn’t seem very useful. Now that I know about the site, next time I’m researching a product before buying, I’ll check it out to see if it offers any thing beneficial, but if the next search doesn’t help me, I won’t go back.

  35. What I liked about the site is that it's easy to see where the links are going. What I did not like is that the front page is to busy. I did not bookmark it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I liked that there are so many reviews but I wonder why the vast majority are positive. Surely there are more than just a few people who aren't happy with a product.
    The site is fairly easy to navigate but because there is so much going on it's easy to get distracted.
    I would eliminate the top 10. I don't really care what everyone else is looking at. I am only interested in what I am searching for.
    I would also eliminate the constantly changing ads and replace them with a new ad each time the page is refreshed.
    I have the site bookmarked and have recommended it to friends.

  37. I love the reviews and how many you offer, its so nice to know theres a place to go that does this. Hats off, way to go!!

  38. I was really impressed with the layout and content of Buzzillions and they went a long way in convincing me to try their site either in addition to or instead of Amazon to get comprehensive reviews of a wide variety of products.

    (a) Pros: I love that the reviews are able to be broken down in so many different ways, by reviewer and user expertise, specific features of the product, and usefulness of the reviews. To me that the site’s biggest advantage over Amazon, and all of these different search options were easy to maneuver within each review.

    (b/c) Cons/Room for Improvement: The only element that Buzzillion’s reviews seemed to lack was an editor’s review of each product. I know on Amazon I often will read their editor’s detailed review first and then go to the reviews provided by customers to get a fuller picture. I would love to see that feature added to make the site fully competitive with Amazon.

    (d) I have bookmarked Buzzillions and will certainly be a return visitor. I am also sure to recommend the site to friends and relatives who do online shopping and product research.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. The site is laid out nicely and easy to navigate.

  40. I love all of the reviews! I have bookmarked the site and will send my friends here! Great site -with TONS of good info!

  41. I love to read all the reviews.

  42. i'm a fanatic for product reviews, no matter what i buy i HAVE to read
    a review, even small things. Anyways, i really like the fact that you
    can put the phrase in quotes and it actually searches the exact
    phrase, that's awesome! i love all the different categories that you
    can narrow your search down with. I also love that it compiles all the
    reviews from different sites so you don't have to it yourself, that's
    so nice!

    I don't mind the ads but there's one right underneath the search list
    that makes it look like that's all the results, if you're in a hurry
    you don't notice that there's more until you scroll down!

    it doesn't really need improving on, it looks fine to me, maybe more
    search results! And i did bookmark it, and will definitely use it!