Sunday, January 18, 2009

GraciousMay Shoes

There is something about shoes that just sucks me in and don’t get me started on baby shoes.

The cuteness level of the shoes from Etsy boutique GraciousMay has brought me to my knees. Unlike many other boutiques, GraciousMay carries a selection for boys. While it's not as large as the “big” manufacturers out there, they are unique and have that special handmade quality. My absolute favorite bootie is Weiner Dog and they come in PINK too. I would wear these, they are just THAT precious. Another lovely I found was Vintage Mary Janes, WOW. These are perfect for my little girl. She wears lots of leggings and stretchy material pants but sneakers just make her look like she’s ready for a workout. These mary janes would just give her that extra girly touch without overdoing it.
Visit GraciousMay and let us know your pick.


  1. Jennie would love to see D in the weiner shoes because of Petey! Those shoes are beautiful.

  2. Those are so cute. We have a wiener dog. If I had a girl I would love the little Ruby Red Slippers!!