Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peter Potty-Worlds First Flushable Training Urinal

The Worlds First Flushable Training Urinal

Being a mother of a son that is ready to potty train. I was so excited when I came across the Peter Potty. I was shocked at how easy it was for my son to learn to use it. Not to mention that he felt it a great reward to be able to flush the potty after he would go pee-pee in it. In order to see the entire review of the Peter Potty, head over to As They Grow Up and while you are there enter for a chance to win your own Peter Potty. The giveaway ends on January 20th.


  1. I always wondered about it! Keeg is a Boon, Inc Potty bench kind of kid. But they have to learn peeing standing up evetually!

  2. Not sure if you remember but we have the potty seat like Keegans older one. And I now know what you meant about it. I am not a fan of it at all.

    Davis loves to go pee in it. He likes to move twist a little bit so that he can make the pee go back and forth as he goes. LOL Might as well make it a game. My DH said he would like to have one of his own if it were only bigger

  3. how cool is this....Just like the big boys....I love it...stopping by via Entrecard...

  4. Samantha - LOL about the twist and pee! Boys will find ways to be messy. Keegan actually decided to use the Potty Bench as a stool today to sit on the big potty! I could never see him using the old one for that. He would have fallen right over!