Friday, January 16, 2009


Imagine this. You are at a Playdate at the park. Your 12 month old is zooming down the slide headfirst as he tries to keep up with the big kids. You bend over to catch him... and in the process you are now starring in your own peek show. Why? Because your Victoria's (Not-So-Secret) panties are now peeking over your low-rise jeans. :blush:

Yes, we can always layer to add length. But in a sense you are DOUBLING your wardrobe, a serious crunch on your budget. Plus, who wants to layer in warm, muggy weather?

That's where Hip-T comes in! It's this cool, thin, stretchy "tee" that only goes over your hips and waist, adding length to your blouses and helping you maintain some modesty!

I LOVE the styles. There are patterns, lace, bright colors and your basic white, black and grey.

You can read more about it at the Mom Buzz. I even model it! :woot: :woot:

Or you can enter a contest to win one at Life in a House of Blue. Trust me, you need it.



  1. Can I wear a few at a time? It is really cold here! lol

  2. Wear them up and down your entire torso. LMAO.