Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Great Find-No Time For Flash Cards

I was lucky enough to have Allie of No Time For Flash Cards do an interview with me! If you’ve never visited her site you are sure missing something special.

Allie is the guru of crafting with kids. Her site shows how trouble-free doing educational and fun projects with your little ones can be with everyday supplies like paper plates, glue, crayons and recycled household things. She even has a supply list on her site and I’m proud to say I have almost everything she recommends. NTFFC isn’t just about crafts though, Allie has this wonderful gift for singing. I’m telling you all, she is a talented mama. My daughter loves to watch her video clips of familiar tunes and hand movements and dramatic expressions. As a super bonus, Allie’s handsome son has the starring role on NTFFC. At just 2 years old he shows off his creations with pride and joy. Readers you are also encouraged to submit your child’s artwork to the site.

With a wide-ranging background in Early Childhood Education, Allie has a passion for anything kid related. She has an extensive book collection, stocked craft bins and broad knowledge about children’s health and developmental growth. She is often the go-to girl on when there is a question of what to do for a particular situation. is where Allie and I and many other mamas have joined forces to create a supportive and creative online community. This is where Allie share’s her wealth of knowledge of all things kid along with NTFFC and now she can be found at Blissful Kids and as a contributor.

To read the full interview visit Look What Mom Found.


  1. Ok.. I joined the forum and tried to post and got kicked out! You all trying to tell me something? LOL!

  2. I MUST check this out! I LOOVE crafting with my girls!

  3. I will have to check her site out--sounds great--especially since I'm always looking for something different to do with Katie!