Saturday, January 10, 2009

Etsy Finds for New Year

With a new year brings new beginnings. Why not begin a journey towards encouraging more natural play from your children. Natural play is done using materials and toys that jumpstart your child’s creativity and engage their bodies, this type of play is crucial for all areas of child development-physical, social, cognitive and emotional. With simple wooden blocks a child can imagine a city of tall towers or a barn for their collection of farm animals. Puppets and musical instruments are wonderful tools to spark the imagination of a child any age. Toys that light up and sing and talk are entertaining but can be over stimulating for some little ones. Investing in products like play silks to get your child’s mind thinking about what to play next; superhero or princess. Natural play doesn’t have to be only be played with traditional natural toys, today’s plastic and metal toys can easily be adapted for natural play, just don’t install the batteries.

I’m showing you some of my top picks of Natural Play toys from Etsy.

Felt Food by BugBitesPlayFood-for the kid who wants breakfast anytime

Chalkboard Placement from Baggavond-a great distraction while meals are being prepared

Colorful Soft Blocks by ThePolkaDotTotSpot-squishy soft and stackable

Natural Oak Airplane by CatzinTheHouse-truly a piece to last a lifetime

Rainbow Playsilks by TheFarmhouseBoutique-unlimited uses and hours of play


  1. you would like Little Alouete!